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St. Mary School

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Sioux Falls, SD, 57105


Staff Directory

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Class / Subject


Eric Abels After School Care TA
Michaela Abels After School Care TA
Mary Ann Andress Preschool Teacher/After School Care TA MAndress@SFCSS.ORG
Travis Balt Orchestra Instructor TBalt@SFCSS.ORG
Oliver Barnes After School Care TA
Becky Basche Administrative Assistant BBasche@SFCSS.ORG
Catherine Bohms EA/Before School Care TA CBohms@SFCSS.ORG
Jordyn Bosseler Preschool Teacher/Before and After School Care Coordinator Jordy.Bosseler@SFCSS.ORG
Amy Caba Kindergarten ACaba@SFCSS.ORG
Jill Casey Kindergarten JCasey@SFCSS.ORG
Jill Chapman Preschool EA JChapman@SFCSS.ORG
Hallee Cronin Preschool Teacher HCronin@SFCSS.ORG
McKenzie Docken 3rd Grade MDocken@SFCSS.ORG
Grace Eisenberg 2nd Grade GEisenberg@SFCSS.ORG
Michelle Estes Enrichment MEstes@SFCSS.ORG
Cheryl Falk Food Service
Lynn Ferrie After School Care TA
Robert Ferrie Food Service Assistant
Jeanice Finnegan 6th Grade JFinnegan@SFCSS.ORG
Julia Fischer Educational Assistant JFischer@SFCSS.ORG
Maddy Grogan 4th Grade MaGrogan@SFCSS.ORG
Mary T. Grogan 2nd Grade MGrogan@SFCSS.ORG
Jenica Haraldson Art Teacher JHaraldson@SFCSS.ORG
Anita Hoffmann 1st Grade AHoffmann@SFCSS.ORG
Kevin Humke Vocal Teacher KHumke@SFCSS.ORG
Amy Isaacson Academic Services/Achievement Acad. AIsaacson@SFCSS.ORG
Chris Isaacson Computer Instructor CIsaacson@SFCSS.ORG
Becky Kayser Preschool Teacher/After School Care TA BKayser@SFCSS.ORG
Ann Krier 6th Grade AKrier@SFCSS.ORG
Sharla Larson Instrumental Instructor SLarson@SFCSS.ORG
Morena Lemus Fuentes Custodian
Sr. Carmella Luke 4th Grade CLuke@SFCSS.ORG
Mary Maloney After School Care TA
Ava Manning After School Care TA
Donna Matzen Educational Assistant DMatzen@SFCSS.ORG
Diane McComber After School Care TA
Jennifer Mieras 5th Grade JMieras@SFCSS.ORG
Susan Monick Academic Services SMonick@SFCSS.ORG
Jordan Osterberg 1st Grade/After School Care TA JOsterberg@SFCSS.ORG
Tali Paulson Counselor TPaulson@SFCSS.ORG
Mary Beth Piatt Food Service Site Manager MPiatt@SFCSS.ORG
Debra Picasso Library Coordinator/EA DPicasso@SFCSS.ORG
Jackie Prostrollo Educational Assistant JHaiar@SFCSS.ORG
Derek Robey Physical Education DRobey@SFCSS.ORG
Cathy Rounds Educational Assistant CRounds@SFCSS.ORG
Leann Schlotterback 3rd Grade LSchlotterback@SFCSS.ORG
Michelle Shields Principal MShields@SFCSS.ORG
Rose Smit Preschool Educational Assistant RSmit@SFCSS.ORG
Shelly Starr Preschool Educational Assistant SStarr@SFCSS.ORG
Steve Strouth Food Service
Tracy Struwe Educational Assistant TStruwe@SFCSS.ORG
Kortney Temple Orchestra Instructor KTemple@SFCSS.ORG
Katie Travis 5th Grade KTravis@SFCSS.ORG
Jim Volk Custodian

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