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Staff Directory

The Staff Directory is your resource for communicating with your school and teachers. Each teacher has their own webpage, which includes their bio/qualifications, and an assignment posting area. Each teacher maintains their own page and can post class photos, assignments, resources, and contact information as well as links to other important resources.

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Class / Subject


Travis Balt Vocal/Orchestra Instructor TBalt@SFCSS.ORG
Lana Bauer White Physical Education LBauer@SFCSS.ORG
Tara Boechler Preschool Teacher TBoechler@SFCSS.ORG
Marijana Cosic After School Care TA
Katie Dow Library Coordinator KDow@SFCSS.ORG
Patrick Frankman Art Teacher PFrankman@SFCSS.ORG
Kimberly Haffeman Educational Assistant KHaffeman@SFCSS.ORG
Dan Hughes Educational Assistant/Before School TA DHughes@SFCSS.ORG
Amy Isaacson Academic Services Coordinator AIsaacson@SFCSS.ORG
Chris Isaacson Computer Instructor CIsaacson@SFCSS.ORG
Julie Kolbeck Principal JKolbeck@SFCSS.ORG
Mary Lenards 1st Grade MLenards@SFCSS.ORG
Mary Markstrom Administrative Assistant MMarkstrom@SFCSS.ORG
Shirley Martell 5th Grade SMartell@SFCSS.ORG
Jessica McDonald 4th Grade/Before School TA JMcdonald@SFCSS.ORG
Katie Meert 2nd Grade KMeert@SFCSS.ORG
Stephanie Meyer Food Service Site Manager SMeyer@SFCSS.ORG
Kim Nelson Preschool Teacher KNelson@SFCSS.ORG
Darlene Nicholson Food Service
Tali Paulson Counselor TPaulson@SFCSS.ORG
Jennifer Quissell 3rd Grade JQuissell@SFCSS.ORG
Michelle Ratzloff Preschool EA
Nicole Renshaw Educational Assistant NRenshaw@SFCSS.ORG
Susan Richards Instrumental Instructor SRichards@SFCSS.ORG
Lynn Timmerman 6th Grade LTimmerman@SFCSS.ORG
Dave Widman Custodian
Jennifer Wrigg Kindergarten/Before & After School Care Coordinator JWrigg@SFCSS.ORG